Monrovia, March 20, 2019 – Staff, mainly from the Department of Administration and Customer Services and related departments at the Liberia land Authority (LLA) have undergone training and sharing of experiences in the areas of customer service and communication.

The training and experience sharing workshop drilled the LLA staff on how customer service is carried out in Sweden and what lessons can be applied in the Liberian context.

After going through the workshop deliberations for a successive period of two days, the LLA staff realized that customer services in Liberia are a national problem unlike what they were told and saw in a video documentary displayed by the Swedish Communication & Customer Service Expert, Mr. Lennart Wastesson.

At Lantmäteriet in Sweden, from the receptionist to the physical meeting with customers, the employees are uniformed, badged and they present a pleasant facial appearance beaming with smiles and courtesies.

It was observed that the entire Cadastral services, Geodata, and Land registration systems at Lantmäteriet are fully automated with high technology, thus enhancing the functions and service delivery of the entity.

The LLA staff pointed out that much needs to be desired in the Liberian context concerning customer service as employees in most business establishments including banks, restaurants, hospitals, and clinics lack the aptitude to deliver services to their clients in an effective and efficient manner.

This attitude they claimed can be attributed to the lack of training, discipline, and motivation to be effective, which is a recipe for corruption.

The LLA employees noted that although Liberia has not reached the level of high technology where every citizen is computer literate and can process their land documents and seek information through electronic means, they however expressed the hope that lackadaisical attitude towards customers should not be condoned at the LLA but rather the staff should be fully equipped to effectively and efficiently carry out their duties.

The training, which was facilitated by Lantmäteriet, a Swedish Agency that is jointly implementing a five-year project with the LLA, is expected to continue sometime in the coming months

The project, titled, Capacity Building for Inclusive Land Administration and Management in Liberia is being supported by the Swedish Agency for International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). It has four components, which are: 1. LLA staff trained to carry out their duties; 2. Women participating in land administration and management; 3. Local government developing and enforcing Land Use Plans and, 4. Customary land demarcated and managed.

Prior to the first in-country training for LLA communication and customer service staff, a two-man team from Lantmäteriet, Messrs. Tobis Lundberg and Kent Nilsson held series of discussions and planning sessions with senior management and staff of the LLA as regards the project’s inception phase and focus areas and priorities for the full implementation of the project, which is expected to start in June 2019.

Lantmäteriet, the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral, and Land Registration Authority, is a governmental agency whose mission is to give support for creating an efficient and sustainable use of Sweden’s real properties, land and water.

Reported By: Arthur R. Tucker  —Public Relations Officer


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