The Administration of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) wishes to inform the general public that they are required to process their legal documents for real property in compliance with the Act establishing the LLA.

By law, the LLA is responsible to administer the deed registry and land registry systems, implement the relevant laws and register all land transactions and successions that are required to be registered.

Therefore, the public is adviced to visit the deed and land registry unit of the LLA, situated at the back of the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) on 12th Street, Sinkor or any LLA offices in the countries to obtain any of the below listed services. The services include:

  1. Warranty Deed
  2. Administrator Deed
  3. Sheriff Deed
  4. Curator Deed
  5. Quit-Claim Deed
  6. Public Land Sale Deed
  7. Executor Deed
  8. Government Grant Deed
  9. Eleemosynary Deed
  10. Aborigines Deed
  11. Certified Copy Deed
  12. Mortgage (Real Property)
  13. Lease Agreement (Real Property)
  14. Leasehold Mortgage (Real Property)
  15. Letter of Administration (Real Property)
  16. Assignment of Lease (Real Property)
  17. Indenture (Real Property)
  18. Real Estate Agreement
  19. Court Decree of Sale (If Real Property)
  20. Loan Agreement (If backed by Real Property as Collateral)
  21. Addendum to Lease (of Real Estate)
  22. Sublease Agreement (of Real Estate)
  23. Deed and Non-Deed Search - Real Property (Deed and Title Search)
  24. Court's Degree of Declaring said Estate Closed

If you have inquiries concerning these services, you can also visit the LLA main office, Clay Building, Sekou Toure Avenue, Mamba Point. You can find our full contact information here: See Contact


SIGNED: LLA Administration