Monrovia, July 22, 2019 –A two-day training workshop on Good Practices on Land Regulations has ended in Monrovia

– A two-day training workshop, organized by Landesa-Liberia and the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) took place on July 9 and 10, 2019 at the Belle Casa Hotel in Monrovia

The workshop brought together eighteen (18) participants from both the Liberia Land Authority and Landesa-Liberia, respectively.

The training focused on several issues on regulations including the benefits of good regulations; and assessing the need for regulations – why act? and when to act?

Good practices in regulatory drafting; alignment with regional and international standards; comparative experiences in land regulations and gender-responsive regulations were among topics highlighted during the course of the workshop.

Mrs. Karol Boudreaux, Chief Program Officer, Landesa USA, and Trainer at the two-day event in her message, firstly praised the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) and the leadership of Atty. J. Adams Manobah, Acting Chairman, LLA, for the level of support rendered during the training.

She said it was her first time in Liberia, thus, her journey was a successful one. Mrs. Boudreaux further encouraged the leadership of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) to take seriously the use of technology.

She said, website and social media platforms have become the leading tools for information dissemination globally, hence, the willingness to embrace these platforms will greatly help the LLA in creating visibility of its activities and obtaining feedbacks from the public and users.

She further notified the LLA leadership of its greater responsibility through ensuring that awareness on the Land Rights Act (LRA) reaches all parts of Liberia and the global community, and to do so, technology should be of paramount concern.

Furthermore, Mrs. Boudreaux emphasized the need for the LLA to continue working closely with Landesa-Liberia so as to spread adequate information on the Land Rights Act.

Mrs. Boudreaux who praised participants for their active involvement in the deliberations and commitment to the work they do, also said for the LRA to be implemented smoothly, it is very important for the law to be translated into simple forms to meet the reading desire of all Liberians. This she said will better inform the ordinary people on what the law is all about.

Speaking at the closing ceremony, Mr. Stanley N. Toe, Executive Director, LLA, thanked Landesa-Liberia for hosting such a wonderful and mind-opening training on land regulations and drafting.

He also thanked Dr. Emmanuel Urey, Country Representative of Landesa, for his immense support towards the implementation of the Land Rights Act. The Executive Director who also served as one of the participants encouraged his colleagues to take seriously the training and put into practice what they have acquired.

He further said though the Land Rights Act was published nine months ago, there is need for the LLA to undertake more training and awareness activities that will help inform the general public about the law.

Moreover, Mr. Toe, informed participants that Article 71 of the Act gives the Liberia Land Authority the power to promulgate regulations for the implementation of the Act, therefore, the training came at an opportune time where the LLA is now developing many regulations towards that end.. Mr. Toe also thanked Karol Boudreaux for facilitating the training. He said her work in Liberia is timely and the training provided is of vital help to the leadership of the LLA. He also acknowledged that the training has deepened his knowledge in the area of drafting regulations and policies.

Dr. Emmanuel Urey, Country Representative, Landesa, who spoke on behalf of Landesa-Liberia thanked Atty. J. Adams Manobah for his participation and as well the entire leadership of the Liberia Land Authority for the institution’s continuous support towards broadening the minds of ordinary Liberians on the Land Rights Act (LRA).

He said Landesa will continue to play a primary role in ensuring that the Land Rights Act (LRA) reaches every part of the country.

Dr. Urey who expressed thanks and appreciation to the participants for actively partaking in the training, also said Landesa will continue to work with the LLA to conduct more capacity building training programs.

He said it is the goal of Landesa-Liberia to help the LLA, therefore, Landesa-Liberia remains committed to ensuring that the newly established Land Rights Act (LRA) become a success story.

He also informed participants that Landesa-Liberia is currently working in Lofa, Bong and Rivercess counties through Development Education Network – Liberia (DEN-L) and Foundations for Community Initiatives (FCI) to carry out Land Rights messages.

Furthermore, Dr. Urey said laws can only make impact when those laws are working effectively, thus, Landesa remains committed to working with LLA so as to smoothly implement the Land Rights Act through effective awareness programs in all parts of the Country.

Dr. Urey further thanked Mr. Stanley Toe, Executive Director, LLA, for his continuous support in the land sector of Liberia.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, an employee of the LLA Land Policy and Planning Department, Mr. Julius Kawa, acknowledged the role of LLA and Landesa-Liberia.

Mr. Kawa who expressed his thanks and appreciation to the leadership of the LLA and Landesa-Liberia said the training was helpful and resourceful.

Mr. Kawa urged participants to make good use of the knowledge acquired since the training has helped to develop and deepen their knowledge in the areas of regulations and policy development. He said since Liberia is in an emerging stage, such training is very vital for the land sector. On behalf of the participants, Mr. Kawa called on both the LLA and Landesa to at all-time carry out such training since it helps enhances the call for capacity building.

However, the two-day event ended with each participants smiling home with a certificate to complement their efforts.


Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis 


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