Monrovia, August 8, 2019 –A Four-Day Partnership Discussion, which commenced on July 30, 2019 between the Liberia Land Authority/LLA and Trimble & Ordnance Survey has ended successfully.

The Liberia Land Authority participated in a four-day partnership discussion on “Land Administration” with a high level delegation from Trimble and Ordnance Survey based in the United States.

Representing the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) were: Hon. Atty. J. Adams Manobah, Acting Chairman and Commissioner of Administration and Customers Services, Hon. Ellen O. Pratt, Commissioner, Land Use and Management, Cllr. Kula L. Jackson, Commissioner, Land Policy and Planning, Hon. J. Josephus Burgess, Sr., Commissioner, Land Administration and Mr. Stanley N. Toe, Executive Director, LLA.

Representing Trimble and Ordnance Survey were: Jill Urban-Karr, Team Lead, Trimble, Glenn Matthews, Trimble, Emmanuel Sampson, Trimble and Guy Brewsher, Ordnance Survey.

On behalf of the Liberia Land Authority, the Acting Chairman, Hon. Atty. J Adams Manobah expressed his thanks and appreciation firstly to the Commissioners and used the occasion to thank Commissioner Ellen O. Pratt in particular for her role in ensuring that the ongoing discussion culminated into the team’s visit to Liberia. He also expressed his heartfelt compliments to the delegation from Trimble and Ordnance Survey.

The focus of the four-day discussion was on identifying “A Go-forward Strategic Option” for integrated technical and financial collaboration between Trimble & Ordnance Survey and the Liberia Land Authority.

Currently, Trimble operates in 150 countries and has over 40 years’ experience in creating unique solutions that help customers grow their business. The company is also well known globally for its experience in Agriculture, Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Construction, Geospatial, Transportation, Government, Forestry, Rail, Field Service Management, Telecommunications, Electric and Water Utilities. Also, Ordnance Survey International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ordnance Survey (OS) Britain’s mapping agency. The company is respected around the world for its own journey in its 224-year history.

During the nearly one week stay in Liberia, the delegation gathered relevant information on the priorities and goals of the Liberia Land Authority for integrated land administration, conducted a “light” assessment of the key activities of the LLA to gain understanding of the current process, procedures, data sets, etc. They also gathered sample data sets, forms, reports, etc. for evaluation and identified key stakeholders outside of the LLA and their roles in LLA workflows. Further, the delegation held meetings with the Acting Chairman, Commissioners, the Executive Director and some technical staffs at the LLA, as well representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Liberia Revenue Authority/LRA and Bureau of Concession, respectively.

The separate meetings sought to gather relevant information on the organogram of LLA (including any regional/district offices), integrated workflows between stakeholders (registry, cadaster, tax, etc.), discussions with team within the LLA to understand roles, responsibilities, vision/goal/priorities), existing data (maps, aerial photos, documents, etc.), data archiving, accessibility-digital, paper, ICT infrastructure and plan, financial revenues for the last 3 years including breakout of LLA (e.g. property tax, fees, duties, etc.), land use and management program, land use and management policy, pilot projects, customary land use and management planning, regulatory framework, policy framework, legal instruments, field data collection processes, Geospatial infrastructure (geodetic control, challenges in field data processes), existing equipment, infrastructure (IT, survey/mapping) and ICT infrastructure and plan.

The visit ended on August 2, 2019 with a wrap-up meeting where the Commissioner for Land and Use Management, Hon. Ellen O. Pratt thanked the LLA, Trimble & Ordnance Survey, Liberia Revenue Authority/LRA, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning/MFDP and Bureau of Concession for the frank discussions that characterized the various meetings, and further added that Trimble’s collaboration with the LLA when realized will enhance the development of the land sector of Liberia in general and the LLA in particularly.


Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis


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Atty. J. Adams Manobah

Atty. J. Adams Manobah
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Hon. Ellen O. Pratt
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Hon. J. Josephus Burgess, Sr.
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