Monrovia, November 26, 2019: The LLA’s Department of Land Use & Management ends a One-Day Workshop on Taking Control of Our Cities for better Urban Transformation and Effective Land Use Management and Zoning.

The Department of Land Use and Management at the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) held a one-day workshop under the theme: “Taking Control of Our Cities for better Urban Transformation and Effective Land Use Management and Zoning.” The workshop which was held in Monrovia at Cape Hotel in Mamba Point, brought together an array of government official as well as donors to the land sector, implementing partners, and representatives from Civil Society Organization (CSOs) operating in Liberia.

Speaking of on behalf of the Chairman-designate of the LLA, Atty. J. Adams Manobah, Sr., Commissioner Pratt expressed thanks and appreciation firstly to Mr. Oskar Nilsson, Project Manager of the Inclusive Land Administration and Management Project (ILAMP) and Lantmateriet, the Swedish Mapping and Survey and Land Registration Authority for their unflinching support. “I feel overwhelmed to see the number of township commissioners that are here today, thus, it is my hope that we see this as a conversation that needs to be held every time.” She said.

She used the occasion to call on participants to always reach out to the offices of the LLA, and informed them that such conversation is the beginning of the many impending conversations. She also used the occasion to thank Dr. Emmanuel Urey of Landesa and Dr. Yohannes Gebremedhin of LGSA for their altruistic supports. “I cannot continue without expressing my thanks and appreciation to Mr. Samuel Kpakio for his role in making sure that the workshop become a reality.” She added.

Commissioner Pratt, during the workshop, spoke extensively on the Act that created the LLA, the structure and functions of the LLA, and the Mandate and Status of Land-Use Planning and Zoning. When speaking on the Act that created the LLA and its structure and functions, Commissioner Pratt informed participants that the mandate of the LLA is to formulate land policies, laws and programs through broad consultations with relevant stakeholders and implement related programs and activities to ensure effective land governance, land administration and management. She said further that the LLA function through the following departments:

• Administration and Customer Services • Land Policy and Planning • Land Use and Management, and • Land Administration

Commissioner Pratt, in furtherance of her presentation, said that the LLA is focused on regulatory, fiscal, cadastral and conflict resolution, including land policy and planning, land surveying, mapping and registration, land valuation services, coordination of access to government and public land for investment and conservation, promotion of land use planning and zoning by local governments, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services, including developing and maintaining a modern Land registration system supported by a national Land Information Management System (LIMS).

She said the LLA is currently working toward the establishment of a county land board in each county. The board will provide forum where residents will have an effective voice to participant in the governance of land in their respective county.

“The board will comprise of County Land Administrator, Commissioner, youth, three persons of each gender, one representative from each CSO operating in the various counties, including lawyer, accountant and agriculture/natural resource expert.” She added.

Commissioner Pratt who is very sensitive to women participation during these events, used the occasion to thank Ms. Brewer, Risk Specialist & Urban Planner, Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) for her participation. She urged key government and local government officials, municipal authorities, stakeholders, donors, implementing partners including participants that good land use results in economic and sustainable development thus it is crucial that Liberians protect what they have and continue to do what is right in the best interest of Liberia.

Mr. Samuel Kpakio, Director of Land Use & Management of LLA, during his presentation, navigated the participants through the 1958 Zoning Act of Monrovia, Classification of Zoning districts of Monrovia, Historical images of Monrovia, today’s reality r and challenges in Monrovia and the future and critical conditions that need quick impact solution.

Mr. Kpakio who is an expert in the management and usage of land, called on the leadership of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC) to do more in its effort to maintain a clean and healthy city. “I am aware that this cannot be done by the LLA alone, this is why it is relevant for such conversation to continue throughout the entire Montserrado county.” He said.

Speaking on behalf of Lantmateriet, Mr. Oskar Nilsson, Project Manager, ILAMP, expressed his gratitude to Commissioner Pratt and Director Kpakio for such unique organization. He reaffirmed Lantmateriet support and commitment to the LLA. “We are here to work together and I am happy we are on the right path.” He added.

On his part, Dr. Yohannes Gebremedhin, Chief of Party, LGSA, thanked the LLA for hosting such a unique and interactive workshop. He said it is hope that such event does not sleep but continue. “I believe this needs to be taken to the higher level. We must reach this beyond. I know we all need this so it is my hope that at the end of this event we can develop a draft policy.” He said. He further said it is his hope that everyone will embrace such idea since it is geared towards the betterment and transformation of Liberia.

Dr. Emmanuel Urey of Landesa, on his part praised Commissioner Pratt and Mr. Samuel Kpakio for such a splendid presentation. He added that such event needs the full attention of the President of the Republic of Liberia and key Ministers, CEOs and Directors from government ministries and agencies including Civil Society Organization actors.

Speaking on behalf of the participants, Mr. Augustine K. Brown, DCP, Liberia National Police, thanked the LLA for organizing the event. He praised Mr. Samuel Kpakio for his presentation and encouraged participants, especially township commissioners to take the message to their people. He added that if Liberia should get better then it is up to Liberians to do what is right.

Commissioner Pratt in her closing remarks congratulated the participants for attending in their numbers. She reaffirmed the LLA’s commitment to working with all line ministries and agencies, municipal authorities, local governments, CSOs, donor and implementing partners. “It is my hope that we all work collectively through dialogue to develop more sustainable land use planning and reform the land sector.” She added.

Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis


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