Monrovia, September 13, 2019

It has been brought to the attention of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) that some County Officials and Acting County Land Administrators, as well as Surveyors, private individuals and Agencies of the Government are engaged in the sale of Public and Government Lands in violation of PART II, SUB-SECTION 8.1 and (V) of the act which established the Liberia Land Authority.

PART II, SUB-SECTION 8.1 (A) states that the Liberia Land Authority shall: control and manage effectively, impartially, and in the interest of equitable development, access to and use of Public Land and Government Land, Except Reverses, Protected Areas, Proposed Protected Areas, And Diplomatic Missions.

PART II, SUB-SECTION 8.1 (V) further states that: with prior written approval of the President, the Land Authority shall sell or otherwise alienate all such lands, consistent with the provision of the land rights act.

the Land Authority is therefore cautioning the general public against the sale or purchase of Public or Government Lands from any individual or entity purporting to be agents of the LLA, as such transactions shall be null and void, and in which case the Land Authority shall seek the retrieval of the land consistent with the law.