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The Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development supports rural communities to defend and protect their rights using a community development approach which aims to create spaces for communities’ voices to be heard in decision making process at a local and national level with a particular focus on the voices of women and youth and to engage in development alternatives including economically and environmentally sustainable small and medium scale enterprises. SESDev is one of the co-applicants of SDI on the EU Land Rights for Liberia.


Foundation for Community- Initiatives (FCI) works to institutionalize women in leadership positions at all levels and showcase women’s ingenuity in building and leading indigenous women institutions that are focused on women empowerment, peace building and conflict resolution and leadership and governance matters.

The Foundation for Community Initiative (FCI) works to promote community-based initiatives especially women actions for sustainable community-driven development and natural resources management. FCI’s interventions are focused on forest governance and natural resource management in Liberia, with specific focus on increasing the participation of women and youth groups in decision-making, benefit sharing and other management practices

Parley’s core business consists of assessing individuals, companies, communities and state authorities to asses, mitigate and manage challenges related to land and natural resources. Parley provides intermediary and advisory services to communities, companies and government regulators collaborating to develop land and natural resources in Liberia. Parley specializes in facilitating collaborative dispute resolution, problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Parley works closely with Liberia Land Authority and non-governmental organizations to support communities navigating complex internal governance issues and boundary harmonization and negotiation processes. Parley has contributed to the development and testing of the boundary harmonization and negotiation process used by the Land Authority, as well as the government of Liberia’s Community Self Identification Guide. Parley has partnered with the Land Authority, the Tenure Facility and USAID to develop and test procedures for communities to secure legal recognition of their customary community lands, as proposed in the Land Rights Bill currently before the National Legislature of Liberia. Parley is dedicated to securing land rights and enhancing tenure security for communities, including women, youth and minorities, throughout Liberia.


The Sustainable Development Institute (SDI) works to transform the decision-making processes of natural resource management so the benefits are shared equally. SDI’s work aims to create space for the participation of local communities in decision-making processes on natural resources. SDI work to support and enhance their contributions to those processes and strengthen mechanisms that will ensure that communities receive a fair share of the benefits derived from natural resource exploitation.

SDI’s work is underpinned by three core values and guiding principles which shape our rights-based approach and analysis of natural resource management. SDI strive to work with communities in an empowering way to facilitate their meaningful participation in decisions about natural resources which affect their wellbeing, their livelihoods and their and way of life. The values and principles are that the rights of people and communities to participate in decisions making processes should be respected at all times; that people and communities should have opportunities to pursue economic, social, cultural and political wellbeing without hindrance by the state; and that the use of natural resources should reflect the wellbeing of future generations.

SDI has to lead the land reform advocacy process along with the RRF and a host of other CSOs for the past four years. SDI is also an implementing partner of the EU Land Rights for Liberia, a 3-year project, a project that is supporting customary communities in the protection of their local lands.


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Liberia Land Authority

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is a product of the policy, legal and institutional reform of the land sector of Liberia led by the erstwhile Land Commission. The LLA, established by an Act of the National Legislature on October 6, 2016, as an autonomous agency of the Government with operational independence, subsumes land functions that were performed by several agencies of government... Read details