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Rights and Rice Foundation (RRF) is a Liberia NGO which is working for social justice and community empowerment in Liberia. The Vision of RRF is, “An equitable society characterized by respect for the rule of law and equal opportunities for all.” The Mission Statement is: “To promote social, economic and political rights through empowering people who suffer injustice and lack equal opportunities. RRF has been one of the key organizations leading the land reform process in Liberia. Civil society organizations with RRF as one of the leads have actively participated in Liberia’s land reform process over the years and their participation going forward will be even more necessary. They are one of the partners implementing the EU Land Rights for Liberia under Welthungerhilf.


The World Bank, through the Liberia Land Administration Project (LLAP), is supporting the Government of Liberia to strengthen the capacity of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) and establish a land administration system. The Project is financed through a World Bank grant of US$ 7 million. The project started in March 2018 and expected to close in October 2022.

The LLAP has four components. Component 1 (Support to the Liberia Land Authority) will focus on: developing land laws/regulations and administrative procedures; developing business systems, plans and processes, and a strategic investment strategy for financial sustainability; capacity building; communication and awareness raising; and acquisition of office equipment, furniture, supplies and vehicles necessary for conducting the work of the LLA and the Project. Component 2 (Support for inventory and analysis of tribal land certificates) will support an inventory of tribal land certificates in several counties and the establishment of a database for further analysis. Component 3 (Development of a land administration system) will support assessments and pilots to determine the best methods for collecting, recording and managing land rights information; establish a geodetic network, and support land valuation and management of government and public lands. Component 4 (Project Coordination, Monitoring, and Evaluation) will support the project implementation, including the establishment of a Project Implementation Unit (PIU).


USAID is generally working with the Government of Liberia to strengthen its land governance systems through policy and legal reforms and institutional capacity development. USAID is helping to stand-up the Liberia Land Authority as the new unified land regulatory body. USAID will also support new titling systems and community self-identification processes upon passage of the Land Reform Bill.

The Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) is a USAID supported grant project to the government and people of Liberia covering a period of five years (2016 to 2021). It has four (4) components, namely; (1) strengthen policy, legal and regulatory framework for land governance; (2) improve human and institutional capacity for land governance; (3) conduct action research supporting land rights policy; and (4) strengthen civil society, private sector, and citizens’ engagement in land governance. Mindful that gender is a cross-cutting issue, the project activities are implemented along with a gender-responsive approach. The key focus of the project since implementation has been capacity building through the training of surveyors, public information campaigns and outreach on the land reform, including on the LLA and various land laws, and research in customary land issues with particular attention to women land rights.


Welthungerhilfe structure and engagement in the country

Since the end of the civil war in 2003, Welthungerhilfe Liberia has implemented more than 40 projects with a total budget of approximately €70 million.

Initially WHH’s engagement consisted of emergency-oriented programs, aside from the Ebola response, this focus has now shifted to a portfolio of rehabilitation and development projects guided by the Liberian government’s Agenda for Transformation, the Economic Stabilization and Recovery Plan, and WHH’s global strategy.

WHH is currently implementing 10 developmental projects amounting to €56 million in two focus Regions in Liberia, the southeast (Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Sinoe, River Cess and Maryland) and northwest (Montserrado and Bomi). Our activities include urban, peri-urban and rural agriculture, food and nutrition security, infrastructure including road access (farmers to markets, schools to communities and communities to health facilities), Land Rights Advocacy, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene), basic education and vocational training, as well as affirmative action for women.


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Liberia Land Authority

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is a product of the policy, legal and institutional reform of the land sector of Liberia led by the erstwhile Land Commission. The LLA, established by an Act of the National Legislature on October 6, 2016, as an autonomous agency of the Government with operational independence, subsumes land functions that were performed by several agencies of government... Read details