Monrovia, February 25, 2020: Six Steps To Land Deed Registration


1: Find out who owns the land you want to buy A. Ask the community questions about the land B. Ask the seller for a copy of the registered deed on the land C. Contact LLA to do a search for the mother deed in the archive if the seller cannot give you a copy.

2: Ask the seller for a copy of the flag receipt for the property tax paid for the land. If the tax has not been paid, discuss and agree who should pay the tax – the seller or you the buyer.

3: When you have a copy of the seller’s registered deed and the tax receipts, contact a surveyor to survey the land so you can receive your deed.

4: When the deed is completed and agreed price is paid, the seller and the witnesses should sign the deed and turn it over to you the buyer.

5: Take the signed deed to your lawyer to carry it to the probate court to have it probated.

6: When the deed is probated by the probate court take it to LLA to have it registered. The fee can be paid directly to LLA.

Only when the deed is both probated and registered, then you become the registered owner of the land.

It takes at most two (2) working days to register your deed.

Always follow steps 1 to 6 when buying land in order to ensure ownership. Also, you can obtain the fliers of these steps at the nearest LLA Office.

If you have questions about any steps in the process, please contact your nearest LLA office. Call: +231-0881 568 661 or +231-778 725 695, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis