Monrovia, September 8, 2020: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT


The Management of the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) wishes to inform all land buyers, the Circuit Court and the general public of the relocation of its headquarter office from the Clay Building in Mamba Point to the old Ministry of Commerce and Industry Building, located opposite the First United Methodist Church, corner of on Ashmun and Gurley Streets, Monrovia.

Furthermore, the Public is hereby informed, that amongst others, that the Land Authority Act of 2016, transferred all land related functions and services from several government agencies, including the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) to the Land Authority.

Specifically, Section 81.10 of the Act creating the National Archives, which previously gave the National Archives the powers to register land transactions and to deal with other land documents and transactions has been repealed in its entirety by Subsection 54.1(b) of the LLA Act, 2016.

The LLA Act, 2016, also amended the Title of Section 81.4 of the Act creating the National Archives to read: “Registrars of Marriage”

Section 81.4 of the Act creating the National Archives Act is also amended to read: “the Director General shall have the immediate responsibility for overseeing the Registrars of Marriages in the performance of their duties”.

Section 8.1(e) of the LLA Act gives the Land Authority the powers to “administer the deed registry and the land registry systems, implementing the relevant laws and registering all land transactions and successions required by law to be registered”.

To ensure your land transactions are legally registered, the general public is hereby advised to take note of the following land documents:

1) All Land Deeds 2) Letters of Administration 3) Assignment of Lease 4) Real Estate Agreement 5) Court Decrees of Sale 6) Collateral Loan Agreement 7) Addendum to Lease 8) Sublease Agreement 9) Warranty Deed 10) Administrator Deed 11) Sheriff Deed 12) Curator Deed 13) Quick-Claim Deed 14) Public Land Sale Deed 15) Statutory Customary Deed 16) All Deeds granted by the Government of Liberia 17) Executor Deed 18) Eleemosynary Grant Deed 19) Executor Deed 20) Mortgage 21) Certified Copy Deeds/Land Instruments 22) Bill of Sale of Real Estate Property 23) Extended Letter of Administration 24) Cancelation of Lease Agreement, etc.

The Public is also encouraged to take note and adhere to this Announcement.

Thanks for your understanding and consideration

Signed: The Management, LLA


Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis - Communication & Outreach Officer