Monrovia, September 9, 2020:Conservation International and the Northwest Landscape Oil Palm Forum express strong support for collaboration

The Liberia Land Authority and IDH Liberia have pledged to extend their collaboration to Western Liberia targeting three districts in Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties. The collaboration effort got ongoing following three separate workshops hosted in the two counties to introduce IDH to stakeholders in three districts, especially communities surrounding the MANO Oil Palm Estates, previously Sime Darby Plantation Liberia.

Community leaders including local government officials, women and youth representatives, civil society and community-based organizations welcomed IDH and expressed interest in working with the organization and the LLA to formalize l their Customary Land including the development of land use plans to maximize the benefits they get from their resources.

The Conservation International and the Northwest Landscape Oil Palm Forum both welcomed the development and committed themselves to working with IDH in the region.

Making an opening statement at the workshop in Senjeh, Grand Cape Mount County, Hon. J Adam Manobah, Sr, Chairman of the Liberia Land Authority thanked the community stakeholders, civil society organizations, community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations and partners for taking out their time to participate in the introduction-workshop.

He furthered that the collaboration process is a gateway in implementing the steps for the formalization of customary land including boundary harmonization, confirmatory survey, and the development of land use plans in communities, which he said is very good for maintaining peace in Liberia.. Giving a brief overview of the mandate and functions of the Authority, Chairman Manobah, said that the primary mandate of the LLA, as provided in the LLA Act is to develop policies on a continuous basis, undertake actions and implement programs in support of land governance, including land administration and management.

He further discussed Section 8.1 of the Act creating the LLA, which list all the powers and functions of the Authority including the land governance function of the Authority is to control and manage effectively, impartially, and in the interest of equitable development, access to and use of Public Land and Government Land, except Reserves, Protected Areas, Proposed Protected Areas and diplomatic missions.

Moreover, he said that the land administration functions of the Authority include but not limited to administer public land survey and mapping services, and the national cadaster to promote and regulate the proper development of the private practice of the surveying profession in Liberia; and therefore under no condition shall a surveyor or other staff of the Authority engage in the survey of private land or in the survey of communal land in a private capacity, and concluded that the LLA is committed in discharging these functions for the peaceful harmonization of land issues in Liberia.

The Regional Forester and Regional Agriculture Coordinator, the co-chairs of the Landscape Oil Palm Forum, in separate remarks pledged to work with IDH to improve forest and land management and reduce forest loss.

Charcoal burning and agricultural activities are the two main causes of deforestation in the region.

It can be recalled that the Land Authority and IDH Liberia have been collaborating and supporting communities in seven districts in Lofa and eleven districts in Sinoe to develop land use plans and formalize their Customary Land. Garwula, Klay and Senjeh Districts in Grand Cape Mount and Bomi Counties, respectively will bring the total number to twenty-one districts that are benefitting from this initiative.

Together, these districts cover 866,264 hectares of land and a population of 183,740.


Published By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis - Communication & Outreach Officer