Monrovia, November 28, 2020: LLA Office in Nimba County in Collaboration with Radio Tappita Conducts Community Awareness in Tappita Statutory District, Nimba County

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) office in Nimba County in collaboration with Radio Tappita, held a one-day town hall information sharing meeting with citizens of Tappita Statutory District, Nimba County.

The meeting held under the theme, “Ensuring Land Rights for All Liberians”, was to engage communities following the end of the regional training workshop held in Gbarnga City, Bong County.

The one-day meeting, which was attended by scores of citizens from across the district brought together local authorities, traditional leaders, Civil Society Organization (CSOs) & Community Based Organization (CBOs), youth, women and representatives from the media.

Speaking during the one-day meeting, Mr. Eddie K. Beangar, County Land Administrator, LLA, Nimba County, expressed thanks and appreciation to the LLA for impacting knowledge in the team by conducting the one-day event.

He said, if it wasn’t for the LLA under the leadership of Atty. J. Adams Manobah, Sr., the Executive Director, Mr. Stanley N. Toe, the Board of Commissioners and support from the World Bank, the team in Nimba county would not have been able acquire the relevant knowledge on the dissemination of information on the Land Rights Act (LRA) and the Liberia Land Authority Act (LLAA).

“We are products of the just ended regional capacity building training workshop on the dissemination of information on the Land Rights Act and the Act establishing the Liberia Land Authority held in Gbarnga city, Bong County. We were intensively engaged with lectures on the two laws with specific focus on land and its importance. Understanding the rights to land, legal framework governing land, constitution and land rights, community organization and responsibilities were key areas discussed. The issue of tribal certificates, issuance of deeds, concessions and transfers, implementation strategy of the LRA, customary land governance, understanding of gender concepts and gender equality also formed part of the deliberations. Other topics presented include, women and land rights, laws governing women’s land rights, youth land rights, county and community land governing structures, community engagement, advancing media knowledge in covering Liberia land sector, and accessing land information in Liberia, among others. I am glad that this did not leave us out as sons and daughters of the county, therefore, we are ready and waiting for the soon coming awareness. However, before the rollout starts, we were provided with the simplified version of the Land Rights Act and other materials, which we will be using here today to help you all have that basic information as enshrined in the laws, particularly the simplified version of the LRA, Mr. Beangar disclosed.”

Mr. Beangar also called on citizens of Tappita Statutory District to continue to visit the LLA office in the county for more information on the functions, mandate, institutional arrangement, organizational structure and services provided by the LLA

He said with the working relationship established with the LLA awareness team, he is optimistic that many of the communities within the counties will have their share of the information. “They will be coming soon to meet you. But before they come we have come to inform you on those things they will be coming to tell you.” He added.

Meanwhile, at the end of the one-day long awareness meeting Pastor A. Kerdoe Dwayen, head of Tappita Baptist Church praised the team, the LLA and the World Bank for the support. “Today I am so much glad that I am participating in this information sharing meeting on the dissemination of information on the Land Rights Act and the Liberia Land Authority Act. Before, we didn’t know anything about the LLA and the LRA. Your need to know that the Church plays a major role in these activities because we deal directly with the people. So, if you can invite us we will also share the information using our pulpits. So thank you so much for this informative meeting. Please inform your awareness people to come quick-quick so that we can also engage them.” Pastor Dwayen said.

Pastor Dwayen further notified the team that such meeting is needed regularly to inform citizens of happenings within the LLA. He said the law will be of no use if the people do not have the basic information in the law.

The one-day information sharing meeting comprised of journalists, community mobilizers, CSOS & CBOs, and local authorities trained during the regional training workshop held in Gbarnga City, Bong County.

However, on his part, Mr. Festus Frazer, Station Manager, Tappita Radio, thanked the people of Tappita Statutory District, the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) office in the county and his colleagues who participated in the just ended regional training for their immense contributions towards the successful completion of one-day information sharing meeting.

The Land Rights Act was passed into law by the National Legislatures and approved by His Excellency, Dr. George M. Weah. After which, the law (LRA) was published October 10, 2018, as a fundamental step in the land reform process of Liberia. The Act establishing the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) was created 2016.


Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis- Communication & Outreach Officer