April 12, 2022, Sinkor: Liberia Land Authority Commences Three (3) Days High Level Consultation on the Draft Regulations of the Land Rights Act of 2018

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) with support from the World Bank funded Liberia Land Administration Project (LLAP) and the Sida supported Inclusive Land Administration and Management Project (ILAMP) on April 12th 2022, commenced a three-day high level consultation meeting to validate and finalize the regulations for the implementation of the Land Rights Act, particularly Customary Land Rights. The consultation is taking place at Bella Casa Hotel in Sinkor.

Article 71 of the Land Rights Act (LRA) of 2018, grants the Liberia Land Authority (LLA) the authority to promulgate regulations for the effective implementation of the LRA. In fulfillment of this requirement, the LLA has finalized a set of draft regulations and commenced preparatory work to carry out inclusive participatory consultations on the draft regulations for the implementation of the LRA.

The three-day consultation meeting brought together leaders of selected customary communities with prevalence of tribal certificates, Civil Society Organizations, particularly those involved with land reform, Local and Traditional leaders, Traditional Council of Liberia, Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia, Liberia National Bar Association, Professional Associations, Concessions companies in the mineral and natural resources sectors, relevant ministries, agencies and commissions (MACs) of the Government, Academic Institutions and members of the Press Union of Liberia.

The consultation meeting focuses on six thematic areas, which cover the regulations, thus, it being during breakout sessions to gather the views, inputs, and comments of participants. The topics under discussion are as follow:

a. Conduct of Confirmatory Surveys to Identify, Inventory, Map, Probate and Register the Community Land Claims of Communities; b. The Process for Communities to Set Aside as Public Land a Maximum of Ten Percent of Community Land in Each Community; c. Best Practices for Community Negotiations Over Concessions; d. Dispute Resolution and Judicial Review in Respect of Community Land; e. The Inventory of Government Land and Harmonization of its Boundaries. f. Tribal Certificate and suggestions on how to strengthen the section in the draft regulations

At the end of the consultation meeting, it is expected that the views, inputs, and comments of participants will be incorporated in the final draft regulations, where appropriate, for the legal consultants to finalize the regulations, followed by submission to the WB for information purposes, and the Ministry of Sate for Presidential Affairs for gazettement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The three days high level consultation on the draft regulations of the Land Rights Act of 2018 which is being facilitated by three (3) national consultants is expected to end on April 14, 2022.

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) was established in 2016 by an ACT of the National Legislature. The Authority is the ONE-STOP-SHOP for all land matters.


Reported By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis - Communication and Outreach Officer


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