Atty. J. Adams Manobah
Atty. J. Adams Manobah —Vice Chairman

The department has the below listed divisions with each performing specific functions and responsibilities:

Administrative Services Division

  1. Human Resource Service: develop implement and monitor HRM policies, systems, and procedures
  2. Finance and Accounting Services: undertake financial management activities, including the establishment and operation of effective accounting management and control systems and processes to ensure compliance with established financial rules and regulations
  3. Procurement Services: undertake all procurement activities of the Authority, including for regional and local offices
  4. Asset Management and Logistic Services: responsible for logistics, janitorial services, inventory of movable properties, facilities maintenance, and management
  5. Administrative Data and Information
  6. Administrative supervision of regional and county offices

Customer Services Division

  1. Customer Service Center
    1. Maintain all aspects of customer interaction between the public and LLA, with focus on maintaining and enhancing customer relationships to meet the organizational and operational objectives of the LLA
    2. Receive and process applications for LLA's services
    3. Answer general questions from the public about LLA's functions, responsibilities, program activities, and land-related services provided the public
    4. Refer complex questions to responsible departments or persons that cannot be addressed
    5. Connect calls to employees and refer customers to the right person and office
    6. Handle service complaints from the public
    7. Conduct surveys on a regular basis in collaboration with relevant departments for feedback on services provided with the aim to use results to improve services
    8. Undertake market survey research to determine the types of services needed

  2. Information Dissemination and Awareness
    1. Develop action plans and implement activities based on LLA's Communication Strategy, and
    2. In collaboration with LLA's public relations office, receive and respond to requests for information from the public based on LLA policy and the Freedom of Information Act.

  3. Operations and Support (IT, management and support for customer services)

Contact Information

    • Former Commerce Building,
      Ashmun and Gurley Streets Intersection, Monrovia, Liberia
    • +231 - 775 - 275 328 
      +231 - 886 - 528 792
    • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Liberia Land Authority

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is a product of the policy, legal and institutional reform of the land sector of Liberia led by the erstwhile Land Commission. The LLA, established by an Act of the National Legislature on October 6, 2016, as an autonomous agency of the Government with operational independence, subsumes land functions that were performed by several agencies of government... Read details