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About Liberia Land Authority

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The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) is a product of the policy, legal and institutional reform of the land sector of Liberia led by the Erstwhile Land Commission. The LLA, established by an Act of the National Legislature on October 6, 2016, as an autonomous agency of the Government with operational independence, subsumes land functions that were performed by several agencies of the Government, including the key land administration agencies.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • Every Liberian citizen, including men, women and youth, has the right to own land in Liberia. Any Liberian from any county, tribe or religion can own land in Liberia.
    • One person can own land. Two or more persons can also own land together.
    • A whole community or clan or chiefdom can own land also
    • The government can also own land.

    Every owner of a private land is responsible to do the following:

    • Register their land with the Liberia Land Authority.
    • Keep and maintain current record of their ownership.
    • Pay taxes on the land.
    • Comply with land use planning regulations.
    • Avoid selling land to foreigners. It is illegal to sell land to foreigners.

    Government Land is any land owned and/or used by the government for its offices or other activities. Examples of Governemtn Land are:

    • Land where the government has build hospitals and health centers and schools across the country.
    • Land where the government has built military barracks.
    • Land that the government bought before for differnt reasons.

    Women are also citizens of Liberia. Therefore, they have the right to own land just like men. Women have the right to a share in their father's or mother's land. This is to say women can own land and women can be or become landlords.

    Women can have control over the properties of their family members who havepassed away. This includes their husbands, parents, brothers and sisters.

    Your One-Stop-Shop for all Land Transactions...

    Leadership of the Liberia Land Authority

    Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr.
    Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr.
    President of the Republic of Liberia Email:
    Hon. Jeremiah Kpan Koung
    Hon. Jeremiah Kpan Koung
    Vice President of the Republic of Liberia Email:
    Atty. J. Adams Manobah
    Atty. J. Adams Manobah
    Chairman Email:
    Hon. P. Bloh Sayeh
    Hon. P. Bloh Sayeh
    Vice Chair Email:
    Hon. J. Josephus Burgess, Sr.
    Hon. J. Josephus Burgess, Sr.
    Commissioner for Land Administration Email:
    Hon. Kula L. Jackson
    Hon. Kula L. Jackson
    Commissioner for Land Policy and Planning Email:
    Hon. Ellen O. Pratt
    Hon. Ellen O. Pratt
    Commissioner for Land Use and Management Email:
    Mr. Stanly N. Toe
    Mr. Stanley N. Toe
    Executive Director Email:

    What We Do...

    Continuously contributing to a peaceful, stable and prosperous Liberia through the effective and efficient delivery of land governance and administration services that ensure equitable access to land, security of tenure, proper land use and protection of the environment.

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