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Land Administration Department


Hon. J. Josephus Burgess, Sr.
Commissioner for Land Administration


The department has the below listed divisions with each performing specific functions and responsibilities:

Land Registry Division

  1. Registration of deeds and other interests in land
  2. Maintain land registry that contains records of land and other interests in land
  3. Reproduction of all land related instrument registered with the Land Registry Division
  4. Other functions as determined by the Authority

Survey and Mapping Division

  1. Establish standards and regulate surveying and mapping services
  2. Supervise, regulate and control the survey and demarcation of land for the purposes of land use and land registration
  3. Administer public surveying and mapping services and national cadastral
  4. Take custody of and preserve records and operations relating to the survey of any parcel of land
  5. Develop and maintain the national geodetic reference network for the country to secure land tenure
  6. Supervise, regulate, control and certify the production of maps
  7. Regulate the surveying profession
  8. Qualify land surveyors by and thru state Board Examination for License and registration to improve the cadastral system
  9. Establish and maintain an integrated Land Information System - LIS
  10. Other functions determined by the Authority

Spatial Data Management Division

  1. Standards, access, security, dissemination, and maintenance of spatial data related to land administration and land management.
  2. Establishing spatial data standards towards the formation of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
  3. Assuring that all parcels of land in the country reference the Liberia Geodetic Reference frame - LGR for the security of tenure

Land Valuation Division

  1. Value land and buildings for the Authority's land registry systems in collaboration with relevant agencies of the Government; which valuations may be used for taxation and other purposes
  2. Assess the compensation payable upon the acquisition of land by Government
  3. Determine the value of properties rented, purchased, sold by or to Government
  4. Preparation and maintenance of valuation list for rating purposes
  5. Valuation of interests in land or land related interests for the general public at a fee
  6. Other functions determined by the Authority

Customary Land Division

  1. Facilitate the implementation of activities for recognition of the land rights of communities in collaboration with stakeholders, including implementing CSOs and NGOs
  2. Address issues concerning the implementation of community lant (CLR) recognition under the Land Rights Policy and the Land Rights Act including all forms of existing land tenure systems; land rights to be transferred to concessionaire, the nature and source of disputes/conflicts arising during and after the process of transfers and means of addressing them;
  3. Conduct analysis of existing customary land tenure systems;
  4. Monitor, observe and verify all activities of the customary land recognition nation-wide;
  5. Work in close collaboration with other relevant units of the LLA;
  6. Liaise and collaborate with other stakeholders involved in CL recognition processes, including titling
  7. Coordinate and supervise all community field activities in my assigned area
  8. Ensure the full implementation of all approved activities leading to the legal recognition of CI and its documentation
  9. Develop and manage customary land information database in collaboration with the Division of Spatial Data Management
  10. Develop a work plan and budget to undertake activities
  11. Facilitate the development of all national methodology for the implementation of customary land rights recognition nation-wide;
  12. Prepare reports for the Authority
  13. Undertake other tasks as determined by the Authority.