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The Liberia Land Authority offers to the public a range of services but the key regular services in terms of revenue preformance include Registration of deeds (Administrator, Warranty, and Mortagage); Land Alternative Dispute Resolution; Investigative Survey; and Survey Permit. Listed below are regular services provided by the LLA and their description:

Aboriginal Deed
Aboriginal Deed is where a tribal certificate is transformed into a deed. It is a deed signed by the President for the land to be transformed into private land. It can be registered at the LLA. Also, an aboriginal deed is recognition of customary/ indigenous land ownership. It is a transaction where the local/ traditional authorities decide what to do with the particular property.
Administrator Deed
Administrator Deed is a deed issued by an Administrator (s) of an estate.
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
ADR is an Out of Court Settlement designed to resolve land disputes cases. It allows disputants to come together face to face and find an amicable resolution to their land dispute with LLA playing a mediatory role. The LLA land ADR platform helps to reduce the many land dispute cases pending court hearing or findings, and it creates a means by which those without money to seek lawyer representation can be allowed to express their claims and dissatisfactions.
Certified Copy
A Certified Copy is reissued when an original deed is damaged, misplaced or missing.
Court Decree of Sale
Court Degree of Sale is prepared by the Probate Court to enable Administrators/Administratrix of an Estate sell from the estate.
Court Ordered Survey
Court Ordered Survey is a survey that emanates from court litigation over land ownership. Such survey is conducted to assist the Judge in establishing ownership or title.
Curator Deed
A Curator Deed is a Court Deed or a Court judgement. This is where the Court confiscate the property and sells it at an auction by the supervision of a bailiff (Bailiff is a grantor) and it is signed by the Court Sherriff.
Executor Deed
A testamentary will that the property cannot be sold. The executer cannot sell the property. The owners can only share the property. It is a joint tenure.
Example, a sick person gives another person the right to execute all legal function of his/her land. They need a letter of authorization (registered at LLA).
Investigative Survey
An Investigative Survey is a survey done to establish ownership of land in a land dispute case. It normally comes at the later part of an investigative process.
Lease Agreement
Lease Agreement is a written agreement in which the owner of property or real estate allows the use of the property for a specified period of time (term) for specific periodic payments (rent), and other terms and conditions.
Mortgage Deed
Mortgage Deed is a legal agreement by which a bank or other creditor lends money at interest in exchange for taking possession of the title of the debtor’s property, with the condition that the conveyance of tittle becomes void upon the payment of the debt.
Public Land Sale Deed
Public Land Sale Deed is a deed acquired from the government after purchasing a public land. Public Land Sale Deed can be given to an individual or institution with a tribal certificate after the consent of the customary community is met and all the required steps are followed. Currently, all Public Land Sale Deeds are sign by the Chairman of the LLA.
Quit Claim Deed
A Quit Claim Deed is a joint ownership or partners where party A and B agreed on quitting their claims to the property. During distribution party A 50% and party B 50%. It is where party A and party B decides who shall have the property if one dies or divorce. A will not have anything with B 50%. If divorced, the married couple decide who will get the property. In most cases, the Court make a Quit Claim Deed.
Search for Deed
Search of Deed is where a deed is missing or mutilated due to some reasons. In most cases this is carried out during disputes settlement.
Sheriff Deed
A Sheriff Deed is a Court Deed or a Court judgement. It is where the Court confiscate the property and sells it at an auction by the supervision of a bailiff (Bailiff is a grantor) and it is signed by the Court Sherriff
Survey Permit
A Survey Permit is a permit issued before any survey is done, carried out or conducted. This is normally done in the case of private land survey.
Vetting of Land Document
Vetting of Land Document is a service offer at the LLA to determine legal or legitimate land document issued by elders of customary land-owning communities in the past or Public Land Sale Deed issued by former Presidents of the Republic of Liberia.
Warranty Deed
Warranty Deed is a transfer of tittle from one person to another person.