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Office of the Executive Director


Mr. Stanley N. Toe
Executive Director


The functions and responsibilities of the Executive Director are administrative and technical and include but not limited to the following:

  1. Assist the Chairperson in the day-to-day administration and operation of the Authority.
  2. Assist the Chairperson in the effective administration and implementation of the provisions of the LLA Act.
  3. Assist the Chairperson in the effective performance of such functions as may be consistent with the general objectives of the Authority
  4. Review and take action(s) on administrative and operational matters emanating from the Directors of the various Departments.
  5. Assist in developing concept notes for projects and programs, review documents, prepare analyses, and submit findings to the Board of Commissioners for appropriate action.
  6. Assist the Department of Land Policy and Planning in the areas of planning and strategy development.
  7. Coordinate with and provide technical support to the Office of the Project Director.
  8. Collaborate with the Office of the Project Director in coordinating LLA's projects with grand financing arrangements.
  9. Serve as Secretary to the LLA's Board of Commissioners, and
  10. Perform other duties and responsibilities as directed by the Board of Commissioners (BoC)