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LLA Enhances Land Surveying Capabilities with Drone Technology Training

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) has successfully concluded a week-long training program on drone technology aimed at enhancing its land surveying capabilities. The training which was supported by the Inclusive Land Administration and Management Project (ILAMP), witnessed the LLA collaborate with its partner (Lantmätariet), the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority through ILAMP to procure a state-of-the-art drone. The drone procured is aimed at modernizing land administration practices and efficient and accurate land surveying processes in the country.

The in-person training which commenced on July 10, 2023 and ended on July 13, 2023, brought together four selected technical staff from the LLA, a private sector Surveyor and technicians from the Liberia Aviation Authority (LAA), thus demonstrating the smooth collaborative efforts between Government agencies geared toward harnessing the potential of drone technology. The integration of drones in land surveying offers numerous benefits to the LLA and Liberia as a whole.

The one-week long training workshop which was held at the University of Liberia Fendall Campus, began with a two-day online course on WingTra Pilot Operations. The course was designed to enable the selected relevant technicians have a comprehensive understanding of the drone, its operation and safety protocols. The training was facilitated by Mr. Yohannes Hermanus Erasmus, a season drone expert from South Africa.

Speaking to the LLA’s Communication and Outreach Division at the end of the training, Mr. C. Sylvester N. Budoo, Director, Department of Land Administration, LLA, said drone technology enables Surveyors to gather data more efficiently and accurately which will significantly reduce time and resources required for traditional surveying methods. Director Bundoo further stated that the drone procured by the Swedish government through ILAMP will help the LLA greatly as Liberia drives toward land reform.

“All is not there yet. However, we are making strive. This drone can cover larger areas in a shorter period, providing a broader and a more comprehensive perspective on land boundaries, land use and potential encroachment. So, we are optimistic that with the relevant knowledge acquired, we will ensure that we begin to utilize the drone appropriately for the benefit of Liberia’s land sector.” He added.

The LLA Director for Land Administration further stated that the use of drones enhances the surveying process. He said it further reduces the stress of accessing hazardous or inaccessible terrains which will enable technicians/surveyors to collect data in such areas thereby mitigating risks and ensuring their safety. He also said that the drone is equipped with high-resolution cameras and advanced imagery technology that can capture detail imagery, enabling precise mapping and identification of land features.

“The adoption of drone technology by the LLA contributes to the overall development and modernization of Liberia's Land Administration Systems (LAS), therefore, by leveraging drones for surveying purposes, the LLA can enhance data accuracy, reduce disputes over land boundaries, and promote transparent land management practices.” He added.

He further said that the technology facilitates the creation of a reliable and up-to-date land registry, promotion of peace and security, fostering economic growth, attracting investment, and stimulating sustainable development in the country. Hence, the training marks a significant milestone for the LLA and Liberia, signaling a shift towards advanced land surveying techniques. He also said that he is very optimistic that with the acquired knowledge and expertise, the LLA is well-equipped now to utilize drones effectively, further strengthening its ability to administer and manage land resources with efficiency and precision.

He added that the collaboration between the LLA and its international partners demonstrates the commitment to harnessing innovative solutions for the betterment of Liberia's land sector as the country drives toward land reform. He further extended thanks to the ILAMP team on behalf of the Board of Commissioners of the LLA for helping greatly the LLA as the institution work toward resolving and mitigating land disputes and enhancing the capacity of staff of the LLA.

The Liberia Land Authority (LLA) was established by an Act of the Legislature in October 2016, thus consolidating all land related functions previously performed by key land administration agencies and ministries including, Department of Land Survey and Cartography (DLSC), Center for National Document and Record Agency (CNDRA), and the Ministry of Internal Affairs amongst others.

However, Section 45.1 and Section 6.2 mandates the LLA to administer the affairs of the Authority and establish County Land Offices (CLOs) necessary for the proper conduct of business across the fifteen political subdivisions of Liberia. On October 10, 2018, the Government of Liberia published and made effective the Land Rights Act (LRA), which became the legal framework of the Land Rights Policy (LRP).

The enactment of the LRA by the Legislature and its subsequent approval by H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia on September 19, 2018, was a fundamental step in the land reform process of Liberia.

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Written By: Emmanuel Chedeh Davis - Communication & Outreach Officer, LLA